Katherine Ritchie  |  Assistant Professor of Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center and City College of New York

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center and at City College of New York. I completed my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. My dissertation (written under the supervision of Josh Dever and Mark Sainsbury) examined the extent to which semantics can serve as a guide to metaphysics.

My current research lies at the intersection of inquiry on language and the social world. I am particularly interested in the nature of social groups (teams, committees, races, genders), the semantics of terms that pick out social groups (plurals, collective nouns, slurs, generics), and the interface between semantics and ontology. One central thread in my research is to show how metaphysics and insights about our mental and linguistic representational devices can help inform viable social-political projects. For more information on my research, click here.

I'm a co-organizer of the New York Philosophy of Language Workshop. Check out our line-up here.

I have a good dog. One time I was on TV.